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Stranded mRNA Sequencing

mRNA – messenger RNA – is typically around 5% of the total RNA in a cell, and in most eukaryotic organisms the vast majority of it is tagged with a poly(A) tail. This allows these molecules to be isolated out from a total RNA sample, reducing the number of reads needed to sequence the transcriptome or analyze gene expression. Continue reading “Stranded mRNA Sequencing”

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What is a RIN score?

It’s always useful to have a method for determining the relative quality of one’s source material. If you’re starting with garbage, you’re unlikely to have anything but garbage at the end, no matter how well you execute your protocols or how skillfully you massage your data. For RNA, one of the primary means of determining quality is the RNA Integrity Number, or RIN score, developed by Agilent. Continue reading “What is a RIN score?”