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RNA: An Introduction

While RNA is built on the same backbone and structural concept as DNA (read this post for a refresher!), its slight biological differences lead to significant functional diversity. We’ll examine the structure of RNA molecules first, then dig more deeply into the myriad of functions performed by these molecules within (and even outside of!) the cell. Continue reading “RNA: An Introduction”

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Early Diagnostic Biomarkers for Lung Cancer: Exosomal miRNAs

Evaluation of tumor-derived exosomal miRNA as potential diagnostic biomarkers for early stage non-small-cell lung cancer using next-generation sequencing.

Xiance Jin, Yanfan Chen, Hanbin Chen, Shaoran Fei, Didi Chen, Xiaona Cai, Linger Liu, Baochai Lin, Huafang Su, Lihao Zhao, Meng Su, Huanle Pan, Lanxiao Shen, Deyao Xie, Congying Xie.

Clinical Cancer Research, June 12 2017. DOI: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-17-0577 Link to Article

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